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Ali Shiach
Lead Vocals - Rhythm Guitar

EB's Frontman, Lyricist and Chief Riff Machine - Ali first picked up a guitar in 2009 and hasn't looked back since. The driving force of the band - his hard work and dedication has devolped Electric Black into the driving force we see today.

Jonny Bryant
Lead Guitar - Backing Vocals
Ryan Trotman
Bass Guitar - Backing Vocals
Matt Butler
Drums - Backing Vocals

Axeman Extraordinaire -JB has been the sidekick to Ali in their music endevour. Providing lightening fast lead lines, free musical consultation and good vibes to the band since 2012. 

A Veteran Bassist - Ryan has been in more than 10 bands and owns a bass guitar for every year he's been playing. A lover of unusal stage attire - Ryan brings eccentric moves to EB's live perfromance whilst keeping those bass grooves tight. He's also chief of band logistics  - ensuring every gig is reached in good time with minimal roadrage. 

A true creature of the night -  Matt has been a permanant member of EB since a fateful evening in 2018 when he came to support his former band mate Ryan and would reward his new band (Electric Black) with a stable lineup for the first time in their existance. He moshes the kit like no other and is also head of EB's artwork department.


British Hard-Rock hailing from Hertfordshire, UK

Electric Black are a British rock quartet from North Hertfordshire, taking influence from the likes of Bad company, Jet, Rival Sons & Black Stone Cherry amongst other hard-rock classics. Formed in 2018, Electric Black are Alistair Shiach on lead vocals & rhythm guitar, Jonny Bryant on lead guitar & backing vocals, Ryan Trotman on bass & backing vocals and Matt Butler on Drums.

Electric Black’s material is created to feel euphoric; powerful anthems for the highway with loud guitars, fat-bottomed rhythm, clear and soaring lead vocals, and layered backing harmonies blended for delicate, melodic textures amongst instrumental drive. Lyrically the tracks deal with a number of humanly relatable topics - the desire to better ones’ self, ambition and failure, sexual / emotional crossovers and the angst of love.

Ali and Jonny had played together previously for a few years, were writing album material and performing (out of necessity) as a 2 piece after disbanding their previous project. Matt and Ryan became available moving on from their former band; a ready formed solid rhythm section... some things just fall together beautifully. The current line-up has been together since May 2018. Their plan was to get the album recorded and hit the ground running. The debut album ‘The Calm Before’ was released November 2019.

Though recent in years, Electric Black are strong in numbers, having gained traction through over 200 live shows nationally throughout clubs, venues, festivals and any stage suitable for the straight up hard-rock that Electric Black deliver. Having led up to the release of their debut album ‘The Calm Before’ on the live circuit, Electric Black are taking to the digital circuit with the release of ‘Love Is A Light (For The Lost)’, their lead-track and debut official music video injecting some much needed musical uplift in times of worldwide pandemic. As the world opened up again in 2021 Electric Pushed on recording their first EP with its lead single 'Calendar Queen' furthering their reach within the UK rock scene and beyond with regular prime time radio play.

Electric Blacks debut album ‘The Calm Before’ and follow up EP 'Beggars, Thieves and Everything Inbetween' are available via all reputable platforms.


Axeman extraordinaire


2021 - EP

Beggars, Thieves and Everything Inbetween

2019 - Album

The Calm Before




7/10 - Classic Rock Magazine
"Sold, no-frills hard rock from start to finish, Electric Black's debut is a showcase for economical to-the-point songwriting. And it's been a long old slog this far if the lyrics to 'Homecoming' are anything to go by; almost every band has some sort of lonesome tales-of-the-road tune and Electric Black have turned the trials and tribulations of being a hard-working band into one of their best tracks with a distinctly southern rock feel. It's all about being true to your goals with 'Eagle', ''Build It And They Will Come' and "Shoot Fo The Sun' all fuelled by endless self-belief and wide-eyed defiance. Clearly driven to succeed, Electric Black's first effort holds plenty of promise for the future." - Essi Berelian


9/10 - PowerPlay Magazine
"Hertfordshire based Electric Black's debut album 'The Calm Before' is a release I have been anticipating for some time. With a major change in line-up and musician direction, the band have now hit on just the right formula. 'The Calm Before' is a serious collection of solid rock tunes with a sound that encompasses classic UK artists like Bad Company, bu also includes a nice sprinkle of Thunder and a touch of Black Stone Cherry thrown in for good measure. That's not to say that the album isn't bang up to date, in both production and content, and that the bad don't have their own unique sound, but it does have a definitely seventies warmth to it, which rises to the surface on the immensely passionate 'Thrill Of The Chase' and the southern rock tinged 'Homecoming', on which the guitar solo is breathtaking. 'Not Afraid To Die' is the heaviest song the band have penned so far, and something I have been waiting for with baited breath for so long - it's just perfect for Alistair Shiach's amazing voice, and that goes for the whole record; he has such a range that suits hard rock, it was a no brainer. 'Love Is A Light (For The Lost)' has hit written all over it, and 'Eagle' just makes me feel good - and that's all you can ask of the music you love.
This review gave me such pleasure, because I just wasn't expecting to be so blown away. In the last issue I wrote that Blacktop Mojo's new album was the best rock album I had heard in years. Well, 'The Calm Before' is better, and what really makes it so refreshing is that this sort of quality is coming from a new British band. I couldn't be happier with this record and, I must admit, prouder of the band's achievement" -
Keith Bryant





July 4  - Hitchin - Georgefest

July 8 - Letchworth - Craftys

July 9 - Baldock - Old White Horse

July 23 - Newcastle - Trillians

August 1 - Scotland - Wildfire

August 6 - London - Cavern Freehouse

August 7 - Bedford - Broomstock

August 29 - Codicote - Goatfest

August 29 - Old Warden - Hare and Hounds

September 5 - Camden - The Black Heart

September 10 - East Runton - Sammy's Bar and Grill

September 11 - Baldock - Balstock

25.09.21 - Cobblestones - Bridgwater

08.10.21 - Dublin Castle - Camden

09.10.21 - Leo's Red Lion - Gravesend

16.10.21 - Gravity Fest - Cannock

31.10.21 -  Orange Tree - Baldock (Video Launch Party)

12.11.21 - Giffard arms - Wolverhampton

13.11.21 - Esquires - Bedford

20.11.21 - Club 85 - Hitchin (EP Launch Party)

25.11.21 - Hawley Arms - Camden

27.11.21 - Rock den - Hatfield

11.21.21 - Cavern - Wimbledon

17.12.21 - CLub 85 - Hitchin

2020 (Restrictions on live music from March onwards):

Jan 11 - London  - The Lounge

Jan 25 - Bedford  - Esquires

Feb 01 - Ware  - Southern Malting

Feb 07 - Sandy  - The Bell

Feb 08 - Baldock - Old White Horse

Jun 06 - Online Event - NWOCR Webfest 2

Sept 12 - Baldock - The Orange Tree

Sept 19 - Stevenage - Red Lion

Dec 21 - Baldock, UK - The Orange Tree
Dec 07 - Baldock, UK - The White Lion
Nov 30 - Crumlin, UK - The Patriot
Nov 28 - London, UK - The Hawley Arms
Nov 08 - Hitchin, UK - Club 85
Oct 26 - Baldock, UK - The White Lion
Oct 19 - Bedford, UK - Esquires
Aug 23 - Codicote, UK - Bury Lane
Aug 18 - London, UK - The Big Red
Jul 25 - London, UK - The Good Mixer
Jul 05 - Hitchin, UK - Club 85
Jun 29 - Hatfield, UK - The Rock Den
May 30 - Stevenage, UK - Red Lion
May 25 - London, UK - The Big Red
May 10 - Stevenage, UK - Ciu
May 03 - FESTIVAL, UK - Baldock Beer Festival
Apr 28 - London, UK - The Big Red
Apr 13 - Hatfield, UK - The Rock Den
Apr 06 - Sandy, UK - The Bell Pub
Mar 30 - Hertfordshire, UK - The Bear
Mar 28 - London, UK - Hawley Arms
Mar 08 - Baldock, UK - Old White Horse
Mar 07 - London, UK - Roadtrip & Workshop
Feb 09 - London, UK - Fiddler's Elbow
Jan 30 - Bishops Stortford, UK - The Horn At The Half Moon
Jan 26 - Baldock, UK - The Orange Tree